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PeakForest Demo is the last stable version on our demo server. Account request is blocked during our first publication process.




Server ALPHA

You can quietly test and browse PeakForest last stable version on our Alpha server. Ask an account ("Login or Register" top right section) on the main page of the alpha instance to explore advanced features.



Last stable Alpha 2.2.6 version

@version: 2.2.6


  • small bug fixes


  • pforest#322 - new MTBLS studies list formatting
  • pforest#343 - add LC/GC chromatography method name in spectra listing (search/peakmatching)

@bugs fixed:

  • pforest#325 - fix values in LCMS method CF_PFEM_plasma_method1_QTOF
  • pforest#326 - update MassBank record doc. URL
  • pforest#328 - fix search by HMDB ID direct input
  • pforest#330 - list / add ontologies and std matrix in backoffice
  • pforest#331 - new MetExplore biosources coverage/mapping
  • pforest#333 - fix issues with compound curation lvl update / filtering via rest/v2
  • pforest#340 - increase tomcat session timeout from 30 minutes to 2 hours
  • pforest#342 - fix nightly database reset on re-deploy

@known bugs:

  • pforest#341 - Could not delete some NMR spectra
  • pforest#348 - Cannot update a parameter in MS2 (Frag. Energy)